MOOC Master Competition

The MOOC Masters competition is a new addition to the CIDOS Inspiring Learning Awards (eDOLA) family. It stresses on the importance of educators preparing MOOC courses for the usage of the Malaysian Polytechnics and later beyond our borders. MOOCs are to be developed based on the most recent curriculum and they are to provide a flexible means of online learning that is required in today’s teaching and learning scenario.

This competition stress on the following objectives:

1) Creativity in designing an online teaching and learning package
2) Application of innovative online pedagogies.
3) Creating a socially constructive teaching and learning environment.
4) Increasing Digital Literacy attainment among tutors and students
5) Promoting global online learning.

Untuk maklumat lanjut boleh muat turun dokumen MOOC Masters competition  atau hubungi Pegawai e-Learning Politeknik Jeli Kelantan di talian 09-9443659.